Our E-Volvo

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Our E-Volvo

Published on May 10, 2021 by Levi Dvorak


Relectric’s 1966 Volvo P220, also called the Volvo Amazon Estate, is a beauty that is highly respected in the classic car community. Being Relectric’s first build, a lot of research and development has gone into the now “E-Volvo” before any physical alterations were made. 

Keeping the Volvo’s classic, curvy lines was essential to this project. In the end, we want even the keenest motorhead to assume that the P220 still has its original inline-four beating heart! That is until they look inside!

While the car may be vintage, we plan on the driving experience being anything but. Inside the E-Volvo will be a large, digital touch display where many key functions can be accessed. Modern-day creature comforts such as navigation, rear cameras, sensors, and more can all be accessed and controlled from the E-Volvo’s centre console touch screen. 

This is no small project. Luckily though at Relectric we have a dedicated team of UCalgary students working tirelessly on the business, mechanical, electrical, software, and geomatics teams. Relectric’s software team has begun developing the car’s user interface that will interact with the driver through the use of Python and Raspberry Pi’s! The electrical and mechanical teams have all of the internal combustion components removed, and COVID-19 permitting, are ready to drop in the electric motor at a moment’s notice! Our geomatics team is well underway with testing and designing the layout of sensors and cameras that will fill our beautiful station wagon.

The end goal of the E-Volvo is to stand as a symbol for what is possible. We believe that the blend between modern tech and a vintage aesthetic perfectly reflects what Relectric is all about. Acknowledging the past by improving it for the future. We hope to show off the E-Volvo at car shows and events to promote both electric vehicles as a means to sustainability as well as the team itself!

If you have any questions or just want to tell us how amazing we are for what we are doing, please do contact us here!