Interior Console

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The interior console sub-team is responsible for designing and integrating a new central console for the car, that is, the control-bearing surfaces in the front and center of the vehicle interior. It will replace the current outdated console, and must be capable of fitting the infotainment system and other updates to the central interior. This project is designed with emphasis on user convenience, high functionality, and visual appeal. The team began with building a rough physical cardboard prototype but has since moved remote. We were able to get a scan of the car done, courtesy of Rapid3D, and imported into the modeling computer-aided design software SolidWorks. These scans give a 3D representation of the current car interior, enabling us to use the measurements from the scan for reference in the designing of the console, thus significantly limiting measurement error and in-person work demands.

Center Console

Research is being conducted regarding the optimal materials for console construction. Currently, we are looking towards 3D printing the console in segments comprised of PLA, and coated with faux leather.


Although the success of this project heavily depends on hands-on work once the console is modelled in SolidWorks, it is estimated that the mechanical team will achieve this by the end of 2021.