Driver Infotainment

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Our software team has a dedicated sub-team just for developing the User Interface (UI). Our goal on the UI team is to provide a modern dashboard and infotainment system for the driver to interact with. Our project provides an intuitive and clean interaction for the driver. It replaces the previous dashboard, making it fully electric and customizable. The UI team will be working on the main points of interaction for the driver; ranging from viewing the speed of the car to playing music to enjoy the ride! It allows for a fully integrated experience by providing all the necessary functions as well as beautifully sleek finishing touches.

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There will be two displays installed into the car for the driver infotainment project. The dashboard display will naturally replace the prior dashboard, and it will be wired up to the systems communication to receive critical information about the car’s data and state. The second display is the infotainment display, which will replace the car front interior where the car stereo and climate controls normally are. Our project is fundamental to the conversion of the EV because the user interface is responsible for displaying all the vital information about the vehicle. The infotainment system will need to be completed refactored because of the conversion. Many of the features of the previous dashboard will not be displayed anymore (like RPM), and there are many more features we need to add (like battery percentage). Aside from displaying the vitals, the modern UI encourages interest in EV conversion and our software makes driving an enhanced experience.

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The UI team has worked diligently to use the best development and production tools that maximizes performance of our driver infotainment system. The current accomplishments include completing the UI skeleton on the infotainment display, and getting end-to-end two way communication with the systems communication. We are still working on developing the navigation page with the geomatics team, getting full functionality on the front end, and finally developing the dashboard display getting information from the electrical team. We are estimating that our project will be fully completed and ready to ship by the end of 2021! You can track our progress live at

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