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Our Teams


Responsible for the identification, research, procurement and installation of all electrical components required for the vehicle. This includes large components such as the battery, motor, battery management system, and charger. Smaller components include the throttle pedal potentiometer and brake pedal transducer. The electrical team also works closely with software for embedded systems projects using devices like Arduinos and Raspberry Pi’s.


Tasked with the research and installation of parts related to the car that are not directly related to the electrical grid. This includes the motor, motor mount, transmission and it’s associated parts, battery housing, heating systems, braking, and more. This team works closely with the electrical team and will be spending most of its time doing hands-on work on the car this year.


Our software team is made up of two sub teams: systems and user interface. The goal is to streamline the interaction between the car and the user by collecting important data from the other teams and displaying it on the dashboard and infotainment display. Software works closely with electrical and geomatics to get inputs in order to seamlessly tie together the converted EV experience.


The geomatics team is responsible for collecting and managing any geospatial or location data, including the acceleration and orientation of the car. We are also working on a navigation system and proximity sensors and will work to integrate these developments with the UI designed by the software team. This team enriches the coveted EV experience by providing modern car amenities to old cars (such as blind spot detection and parking assist).


The Business team is responsible for contacting sponsors and potential partners to create a larger outreach within the community. We are also in charge of allocating funding and spending accordingly through the use of financial statements. Furthermore, we also coordinate events for marketing and promoting our club to raise awareness about sustainability.

Our Leadership Team

Camilla Abdrazakov

Executive Lead

As the Executive Lead, I am the primary liaison between the team, our sponsors, and governing bodies. My primary focus is to oversee the progress of all teams, ensure that we are on track and aligned with our team vision and goals. I strongly believe that electric vehicles are the future of transportation, and I am passionate about increasing EV accessibility to normalize sustainability and clean energy.

Levi Dvorak

Business Lead

I am the lead for the business team. In this position, I oversee the business team's external, marketing, and financial sub-teams. I have had an extreme passion for cars since I can remember. From the newest Koenigsegg to the oldest Alfa Romeo, I love internal combustion cars but I do realize an EV future is inevitable and coming quickly.

Braden Navarro

Geomatics Lead

I am the geomatics lead. As a third-year geomatics engineering student I am thrilled to learn more about incorporating geospatial technologies into electric vehicles. I am looking forward to this upcoming year to work with the Relectric team and to gain hands on experience.

Timothy Bondarev

Electrical Lead

I am a second year Electrical Engineering student. The Electrical team's goal is to improve and implement the components and systems which store and control the flow of electrical power. This mainly includes the batteries, battery management system, motor controller, and CAN BUS. In my free time, I enjoy cooking and listening to music.

Khanh Pham

Mechanical Lead

I am the mechanical lead. I oversee the installation of the electric motor and conversion of the engine's associated features to electric power. I am an avid car enthusiast and for a long time, I believed that combustion engines were the peak of performance in the automotive scene. However, with recent innovations in electric vehicles that outperform their combustion counterparts, I now firmly believe that the future of automotive performance and sustainability lies with electric vehicles.

Robert Brown

Software Lead

As the software lead, I oversee the development of the user interface and communications systems in the car. Our team is currently working on implementing the entire software stack on a single Raspberry Pi compute module. I am currently a third year in Software Engineering. I’m very passionate about electric vehicles and renewable energy.